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Ordained Minister and Shaman, I follow and teach a unique, non-native path, deeply rooted in animism, nature veneration, and ancestral veneration.

As a minister I’m available for weddings, pre-marital counseling, spiritual healing and counseling, funerals, newborn blessings, coming of age, and other rights of passage, rituals, and ceremonies.

A natural shaman, I began my official studies in 1995, and started teaching, leading group prayer, meditation, and ritual in 1997. I have written, performed, and lead rituals for individuals, small groups, and large groups exceeding 300 participants.

I offer quarterly celebrations on the cross-quarter holidays, teaching, mentoring, and a safe, quiet space for guided and self guided meditation.

I welcome those from all walks of life.

Ordained on August 6th, 2008.
Registered with Hennepin County of Minnesota.