Seeker/Basics Classes starting January!

Health and blessings to you!


Starting in January of 2018 I will be offering a basics class.

The goal of this class is to provide a well rounded basic education to anyone interested in paganism or the spiritual arts.  It will be held weekly, and last approximately 6 months.  The foundation of these classes are the Triskellion Basic classes written by Ken Ra, with some additions and alterations to encompass a broader world view, and to reflect my personal teaching style and experiences.

Many years ago, back in 2002, I took the Triskellion Basics course with Ken Ra and upon completion I was licensed to teach these classes, and to modify, use or exclude them from my teachings, as long as I was giving credit to him for the work of his that I used.   There is great value in the time, effort, and thought he put into the preparation and writing of these classes and I am honored to be able to offer you these classes with the addition of my own experiences and world view.

If you are interested in these classes, or curious to learn more about them or myself, please don’t hesitate to email me or message me on Facebook!


-Chad Kelly





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