Ongoing discussions and workshops!

Hello everyone!

I hope this reaches you in good spirits!

Beginning this Sunday, from 10 am to 12 pm, I will be opening my home to members of the community to join me in ongoing weekly discussions or workshops, lunch will be provided after for anyone wanting to sit and chat a little longer.

These discussions and workshops are offered free of charge, however monetary offerings and and tokens of appreciation are welcome, and will help to provide the food offered, and counterbalance any material expenses.

Each week we will begin with a short check in to see how everyone is, and to see if there are any pressing subjects or burning questions we should address later. This will be followed by a short period of silent or guided meditation, and an opportunity to leave an offering or prayer to the gods, ancestors, or spirits.

If there were no pressing subjects or burning questions we’d then move on to the subject of the day. This may mean that we’ll have a hands on work shop, a discussion, or possibly an activity or craft related to an upcoming holiday.

You are welcome as long as you are respectful of my home, of those who attend, and of everyone’s privacy, and you are joining us with a genuine willingness to learn and explore.

I only ask that you preregister with me, and communicate when you plan on attending in advance.

I too will communicate when I will be unable to host, or attend as well.

Until I have figured out how to add a registration form to my website, please email me at with the below information. Keep in mind I ask of you only what I will provide to you of myself.

Chosen name
Preferred pronouns.
Legal name
Email address
Phone number
Address (not a P.O. Box)

I will keep this information private and confidential, and use your chosen name and pronouns.

This week, Sunday November 18th, our subject will be:
Interpretation Basics: Dreams, Omens, and Divination

I look forward to meeting some new faces!


-Chad Kelly

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